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50 years ago today.
« on: 04/01/2010 06:56 PM »
  April, 01, 1960.
On that day, Tiros-1 was the first artificial satellite placed in a sunsyncronous orbit around the Earth.

Also, Tiros-1 can arguably be called the first successful weather satellite.

It's hard to imagine that there was a time when weather satellites
and weather forecasting using satellite images didn't exist.
That is until 1/2 a century ago.

Happy birthday, Tiros-1.

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Re: 50 years ago today.
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Sadly, neither NOAA nor NASA has ever sponsored an official history of the weather satellite program, although this was arguably the most important single piece of space technology ever developed.  Weather satellites have saved more human lives and contributed more directly to human welfare than any other space technology.

There was an early history of Tiros produced by NASA.  You can download it from this thread:

I later wrote the first of what I planned to be a multi-part history of Tiros and the early DMSP program.  I published part 1 in Spaceflight, but have not followed up with parts 2-4.  My first part contained some more information on the origins of Tiros than had been previously published.
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Re: 50 years ago today.
« Reply #2 on: 09/07/2017 05:41 AM »
I never followed the DMSP program, so I don't know whether DMSP imagery from 1960s is being used like some Nimbus data to backtrack climate history prior to the 1979 satellite database.