Author Topic: Boeing complete SLS Pathfinder Tank as MAF ET operations end  (Read 19554 times)

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Is there a potential that the upper stage would become 5.5 meters? If that did happen, what is the justification for the SLS? Couldn't Atlas, Delta or Falcon meet these objectives?

What objectives?  The Atlas, Delta, and Falcon first stages are all far too small to meet the SLS objectives no matter what the upper stage looks like.

I suspect the upper stage will be 8.4 m.  The tooling exists for that too, and it's much more mass/volume-efficient.  Also, we're not in a gigantic hurry re: the upper stage, so an optimal stage may be a better bet than a hack to appear to justify sunk costs.

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So what's the latest on the, quote (and I use that term lightly) "90-day report" unquote, from NASA to Congress regarding SLS? The last concrete news I heard was that the Senate committee had issued a subpoena for the report and all supporting documentation. Was the subpoena totally ignored, fully complied with, or something in between? I gather from hints and inferences that at least some attempt at making an appearance of some sort of compliance has been attempted, but to what level?

Is there any chance that the Administration will release this report before the first anniversary of the signing of the NASA Authorization Act of 2010?

I don't doubt Chris's sources or his conclusions about the SLS configuration, but it would be nice to have official confirmation from NASA.

This whole sad episode of the transition from Shuttle has been handled so completely poorly by so many people in so many ways for so long that it will surely be recorded as one of the lowest points in the annals of NASA history.
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