Author Topic: Wayne Hale's Blog: Prima Donnas and Ice Cream Socials  (Read 1108 times)

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Awakening later, the recording had a greatly revised shift schedule from the pre-flight published one.  The Orbit 2 team was not on it at all.  Seems the Lead Flight Director (Orbit 1 team) had determined that his team should be on for almost the entire crew day (10 hours or so) and that the Planning team (my team) would cover the rest of the day (about 14 hours) and the Orbit 2 team was . . . not required.

This would be funny if not for the whole "putting the whole mission and crew at risk by overworking the mission control team" thing...
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Re: Wayne Hale's Blog: Prima Donnas and Ice Cream Socials
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Ah...the wild and wooley days of shuttle flights......
"We'll remember the Shuttle days with fondness 20 years from now when we still don't have a replacement.  The something we had was better than the nothing we wound up with."