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Favorite Space story??
« on: 06/15/2010 04:32 PM »
I was going to make this "Favorite shuttle story" as a bittersweet thread for the last 2 launches, but let's make it for anything.

From Joe Engle's NASA oral history:

But the landing, when we did get back overhead Edwards and lined up on the runway, as I mentioned before, I think one of the greatest feelings that Iíve had in the space program since I got here, was rolling out on final and seeing the dry lakebed out there, because Iíd spent so much time out there, and I dearly love Edwards and the people out there.

In fact, I recall when Dick and I spent numerous weekends practicing landings at Edwards, I would go down to the flight line and talk with guys that I didnít know at the time, because Iíd been gone a while, but I knew their predecessors and people on the maintenance line, and go up to the flight control tower and talk with the people up there, and we would laugh and joke with them. I remember the tower operator said, "Well, give me a call on final. Iíll clear you." Of course, that was not a normal thing to do, because we were talking with the CapCom here at a Houston throughout the flight. But I rolled out on final, and it was just kind of an instinctive thing. I called and I said, "Eddy Tower, itís Columbia rolling out on high final. Iíll call the gear on the flare." And he popped right back and just very professional voice, said, "Roger, Columbia, youíre cleared number one. Call your gear." [Laughs]

It caused some folks in Mission Control to ask, "Who was that? What was that other chatter on the channel?" Because nobody else is supposed to be on. But to me it was really a neat thing, really a gratifying thing, and the guys in the tower, Edwards folks, just really loved it, to be part of it.
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