Author Topic: Five years old - and a thank you  (Read 8463 times)

Offline Chris Bergin

Just realized we started running the site properly (news articles and fully active forum) in June 2005, so I'd like to take the opportunity to thank everyone that have helped get us to this point.

I'd personally like to thank the people who have supported the vision before, during and after what was a risky transition into setting up the site, such as Robert P, Gareth M, Bruce S...and Peter (NASA), Mark (NASA) and Barry (USA). Your advice and faith is appreciated.

Thanks also to the two Matt's who built the site, and more so Mark, who redesigned, improved and continues to be as much NSF as I am, under the name of Webmaster, but is far more than that. Thanks also to Jester for not only being one of the most awesome members of this site, but also for providing hands on help.

Thanks to those that have provided content for the site via news articles, such as Braddock, Rui, William, James, Ben, David, Philip, Larry (photos) and especially Chris G - who really is a star in the making.

Thanks to our long-term partners, such as Orbital, AMRO, SSM2007, and other site partners.

Thanks to everyone who visits this site, get involved, understand we're a community, rather than just a conveyor belt of readership, and notably our long-time members and our large space industry (NASA, USA, Commercial and non-US etc) membership, which has more than exceeded the aspirations I had when I started this site - and a special mention to those who help the site via L2 or simply spending time being involved with the community.

Thanks to our launch coverage people, and moderators, such as Andy, Ron, Carl, Aaron, Andrey, Jacques, Rui and the numerous people that join in with providing forum level coverage, with a special mention to the MaxQ guys, who have taken on a life of their own via an excellent video arm who really should have their stuff on NTV.

And most of all, thanks to all our L2 members, without whom we would have already become on of those sites that faded and died. Make no mistake about it, my overdraft would never be able to cover the server costs, nor would advertisers (contrary to popular belief).

Our L2 members have directly helped stabilize the site and allowed us to grow. We started on a 20 bucks a month shared server in 2005, and we're now on several dedicated servers mainly in Texas and also in Europe with numerous technical hardware additions that I don't pretend to understand, apart from knowing - as I pay the bills - its four figures a month. L2 revenue has allowed us to have what is a huge database (it's massive) but also with the required bandwidth that was a problem for keeping the site live during events a few years ago.

Yes, L2 is amazing (even I'm always amazed by the help we get with the cool stuff) but make no mistake how much your subscription is DIRECTLY funding this site's running costs and nothing else. That's why the first thing noted on the subscription confirmation e-mail I send out is that I appreciate your support, because that's what it is.

Anyhoo, I'm rambling, and this is turning into an L2 advert ;D but it's a privilege and an honor to report on the space program, and I won't soon forgot all the people that helped allow this site to survive, establish and and progress.


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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Uhm no.



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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Thank YOU Chris as well, for what is obviously many long nights, great articles, and the best darned site online for spaceflight.

And thanks, as Chris has said, to everyone here who contributes to making this place a reality.
Our life, our passion, our addiction. :)

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Congrats! This place is awesome, and I think it's very cool the main writers are hands on, not many journalists are. And I love L2 so much.

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Congrats and thanks! Not really sure what I would do without this site.

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Five years! Itís hard to believe that this site started FIVE YEARS AGO during the run up to Space Shuttle Discoveryís STS-114 Return To Flight mission. Further, we all come here today knowing that NASA has launched 19 shuttle flights (18 ISS and 1 HST) since this site started -- a launch rate that numerous people thought impossible. Whatís more, weíve accomplished that with three valiant orbiters and a dedicated (beyond words dedicated) work force who have braved hard and uncertain times to launch these missions which we all cherish.

Furthermore, itís hard to believe that I have only been following this site since the pad flow for STS-115 (August 2006). Even then, I didnít sign up to the forum until STS-117 (June 2007) or write my first article for this site until STS-123 (February 2008). Hard to think that Iím working on my 130th article for NSF as I take a break to write this. Where has the time gone!

There are so many people to thank. But most of all I must sincerely thank Chris Bergin from the bottom of my heart for the immense trust he places in me on a daily basis. This is truly the BEST working relationship I have had and I would not trade that experience for anything.

This site has also enabled some of the best friendships (most long [very long] distance) I have been a part of. It has been a pleasure to work with Larry on these missions ever since STS-129 in November 2009. Philip, Brian P, Steven, and Nate... getting to know and meet all of you has been a great experience!

Like I said before, there are just too many people to thank. To all of the workers at NASA, MaxQEnt, our Webmasters, Ron (ronsmythiii), all the others who contribute to the live forums, my fellow writers, and all the people who I have met at our regular NSF pre/post-launch dinners... THANK YOU.

-- Chris Gebhardt
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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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I've said it before and I'll say it again, this is the best space community I've ever run across.  Leaps and bounds above the rest. 

Thanks for your support.

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Chris you definitely deserve a thanks of your own. Without you this unbelievable site wouldn't even exist. You spend countless hour without sleep and put all possible effort into making this site what it is and you never stop giving.

Keep up the great work everyone and Happy 5th Birthday NASASpaceflight!
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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Congratulations! It is so inspiring being a part of the NSF community.
Thanks to all those who make it possible!
Cheers to many more anniversaries to come!

Sail the oceans of space and set foot upon new lands!

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Chris, you and the wonderful team of writers and moderators you have assembled have truely created one of the jewels of the Internet in general, and the space community in specific.

-No other Space news source stays as unbiased and true to the principle of unbiased, entertaining, and technically indepth space news coverage as you do.

-No other forum I have EVER been on in my life, regardless of the subject, has this quality of moderation, and competence on the part of the posters.  This is because of you and your team's guidance, and willingness to do the hard work of moderation. 

Congratulations Chris and Co. , can't wait to read the book in a decade. :)

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Happy Birthday NSF :)

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Best wishes for the future of NSF to exceed its already-stellar past!

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Thank you to everyone who makes this site as great as it is.  Leaps and bounds better than anything else out there - this site actually gives an accurate, detailed perspective on what is happening to the level that no place else could ever reach.

Thank you Chris, and thank you everyone else.  It'd be hard to imagine the last 5 years without this site.

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Thank you Chris and company! I can't begin to tell you how much I've learned through your articles and these fantastic forums.

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
« Reply #14 on: 06/04/2010 02:38 AM »

Happy 5th Birthday NSF!!

Also, it's been a year since I became a member, and am considering joining L2!

Kevin  :)

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
« Reply #15 on: 06/04/2010 02:48 AM »
I've been here for 3.5 of those years and my experience as a NASA fan is immeasurably richer as a result.  And that was true even before I signed up for L2.

It's an honor every time someone mistakes me for Chris B or Chris G :)

Godspeed, thank you, and now back over to the thread that I came here to check out for absolute latest and best info on something ...
How to embed photos from outside sources (e.g. Twitter)
NASA TV in HD:  history and FAQ (from 2007-2010 startup period)

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Many congratulations. The site has come a long way and is very well known and highly respected. Thank you for all the hard work!

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
« Reply #17 on: 06/04/2010 03:20 AM »
Five years already?  Wow.  Congrats on a superb site and one of the best online forums around!

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
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Don't know what I would do without it!
It's all in the data.

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Re: Five years old - and a thank you
« Reply #19 on: 06/04/2010 03:33 AM »
Awesome news site, awesome forum, awesome L2. That's me happy!

I've been here since 2005 and the way it's grown has been astonishing, but its always kept it's core values. Not sure what I did before this site, but would be lost without it, I know that much!