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Centaur rotating into position.
Second burn underway.
About one minute to second ignition.
Back to Josh and Mike. About two minutes to go.
  May have been the 1.7Mlb-f version just flown below the new maximum thrust level though.  Not necessarily inconsistent to have info saying that CRS-12 flew with up-rated engines and data showing that the launch didn't, assuming the higher maximum, use full thrust. 
You don't fly higher-thrust engines for the first time if you do not intend to utilize that higher thrust.
This is not obvious to me.  At some point you start qualifying your engines to a new, higher, maximum thrust.  You incorporate the new engines into new boosters as they are built.   Now suppose the first mission for the new booster does not require the new maximum thrust.   What are you going to do?   Use the new maximum thrust just because you can?  That seems wrong, running at higher ratings surely increases the risk.  Swap if for a booster with crappier engines?  That seems wrong too.

I believe the Shuttle had engine settings which were developed, and qualified, but never intended to be used.  They were reserved for abort scenarios.
Every time SpaceX introduced more powerfull engines on their rockets they immediately made use of the increased power. There is no valid reason not to do so.
Showing a video on TDRS.
Coverage has started. Six minutes to second ignition.
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