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Autonomously piloted rental car ;)

Wilma to Buck: "Do you have manual override capability?"
Buck to Wilma: "I sure have".


Commercial Space Flight General / Re: Astra
« Last post by Athrithalix on Today at 08:29 AM »
That's odd, so along with a name change it appears that Ventions has changed their style of vehicle, I'm sure I remember something saying that they were planning an air-launched vehicle from Florida?

This is true, for the conventional launch market.
One interesting route to making the conventional launch market might be price capped payloads.
Something along the lines of 'Launch is $5M, for whatever payload, as long as we retain the right to purchase your payload for $5M'.
Or some similar scheme with IP rights.
Combine it with a pre-specified list of things they will buy.

NASA and ... would be entirely uninterested in such a scheme.
News flash....

NASA "Explorer" & "Discovery" class missions are already price capped, but LV costs are a separate line item.

Quote from: speedevil
Nontraditional vendors that might be really interested in making ridiculously low-cost hardware for space might be very interested.

If you're a small company, $100/kg might look like a very very good price to get for your hardware.

This is of course slash and burn on the existing space infrastructure vendors, and would rapidly lead to the conventional launch market collapsing as alternatives are found.
As always context is important. $5m for what ? That won't buy you a Pegasus XL launch today.
$5m for a 25t DIVH? That's a fire sale price. 

The thing is expendable launch vehicles come with expendable launch vehicle failure rates.  :(
"Rocket go boom" is the normal SOP for ELV's. So far semi reusability has yet to demonstrate an improvement in this area. Wheather that changes when (if?) SX freezes the F9 design at block 5 only time will tell.

New Glenn has already taken a significant bite out of that market... so Vulcan is already in the crazy marketplace.
Shock news.

The LV mfg/launch services "market" has been crazy since the day it started.  :(

It's failure rates, and its economics are insane by the standards of all other transport modes, from commercial aviation (both passenger and cargo) down to some guy in a canoe paddling up the Amazon.  :(

For NG to threaten Vulcan it has to have taken a "significant bite" out of Vulcan's target market. If not then it simply doesn't matter.

Has NG picked up any NSS payloads yet? If has then ULA might start to get twitchy. If not why should they be bothered?
New Physics for Space Technology / Re: Woodward's effect
« Last post by Mikos on Today at 08:15 AM »
Ok, I have looked at video with Cramers lecture that you have provided, but there really isn't anything specific about Woodward's wormholes. It is general lecture about wormholes and to be fair there was nothing new or interresting said (for people who already know something about wormholes, read some papers, etc.).

Is this Cramers scenario really what Woodward is proposing or did he proposed also something else?
ISS Section / Re: Expedition 55 Thread
« Last post by Joachim on Today at 08:08 AM »
The crew poster

As indicated upthread, so no "actually", was correct from the start.
1) Joint Venture "horizon" problem - you're only financed for what might bring in immediate revenue. ACES has no demand for development/"sales" (he says "no customers"). Thus no money to develop (or fund necessary test flight(s)). Why it perpetuates but doesn't get done.
Once they get done with Vulcan, there's yet no follow on commitment to ACES, as there wasn't with Atlas when Vulcan wasn't present, but there WAS a need for a larger US. Likewise SMART.
2) He says "no PDR".
3). He says "no requirements". Which is what customers (stakeholders actually) tell you.

Yes, like any good CEO he blathers happily about it so you'll feel good. They all do that. What you're supposed to do. The guy makes you feel like you're being listened to, when he's actually quite aware of putting off the commitment. It's his job.

But listen for the key points and don't get distracted with the music. Reality is what it is. Just like with Musk going on about reuse bottoming costs when it's nowhere near the rate to achieve payback, which is something Bruno also goes into in that video too.

Selling capabilities is not "selling on whim", like a new smartphone case or color if it were to be.

Stay locked on reality and listen for the key words/points. And yes I do that for a living. Doesn't make you popular but effective.

Not sounding good for IVF being tested anytime soon.  :(

Autonomously piloted rental car ;)

Wilma to Buck: "Do you have manual override capability?"
Buck to Wilma: "I sure have".
Could see ways by which ULA makes use of other resources besides their own possibly very longer term.

Also, don't see anyone other than Northrup Grumman/OA wanting to do what ULA does. ULA just does it better.
Well ATK did try to buy ULA so once NG/OA are  bedded down it could be time for Round 2.

Wheather NG/OA (I'd so like them to combine the names as "NOGA" so they'd have a name you could actually pronouce as a word  :) )  would be more or less generous. I'm inclined to think  "No, that was our price when ULA had most of the 36 core block buy revenue still to come. That's gone. this is our new price" I'm sure they would describe it to the parents as a reasonable and fair assessment of the assets of ULA's assets as a business.  wheather the parents would agree is another question.

Has anyone ever done an MBO on a $Bn company from its parents?  :(
Commercial Space Flight General / Re: Astra - new launcher?
« Last post by john smith 19 on Today at 07:37 AM »
Have 2-10 years of industry experience with pressurized systems, with an understanding of factors of safety and operational safety at 6000+ psi
Damn, that's like 400+ atm...
It is.
But that's in the range for main tank pressurization systems.
Which the USAF range rules will measure in lbs of TNT equivalent.  :o

Otherwise that's staged combustion preburner territory.

Very sporty.
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