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Re: CBS Moon landing coverage openings
« Reply #20 on: 08/21/2007 04:58 AM »
Seeing this topic was what prompted me to sign up here... my first post!

These short 15-20 second clips have been stuck in my memory for a LONG time and I second the call for anyone who has access, or knows how to get it, to these clips to let us know if (or where) they might be found. To me, those intros are an unforgettable part of Apollo (I watched CBS almost exclusively) and I would love to see them somewhere on the Internet.

The Apollo 17 one was used on a 20th Anniversary program by CBS and I have that one on a VCR tape, but not the mission-specific voiceover which was "Farewell To The Moon- The Flight of Apollo 17". It showed a old-style drawing of moon phases which was animated, with a series of short audio tones similar to the famous "ET" sequence, then a fade to a swelling low orchestral interlude with a EVA-suited astronaut turning to the camera and a zoom in on the visor with a reflection of the lunar surface and the Earth above. Really a striking visual piece.