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ISS Internet access!
« on: 01/23/2010 11:58 PM »
At last, space station crew gets live Internet”,, 22/1.

Humphries said the space Internet uses the station’s high-speed Ku-band antenna, so it is active whenever the station has that connection. To surf the Web, astronauts can use a station laptop to control a desktop computer on Earth. It is that ground computer that has the physical connection to the Internet. There are security restrictions in place to protect the Internet portal, which NASA is calling the Crew Support LAN (Local Access Network).

See also: "The Internet is now (officially) in space"
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Re: ISS Internet access!
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Timothy Creamer? How is accessing from orbit? ;)
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Re: ISS Internet access!
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So now when I play an online game and my opponent has wicked long lag I'll know why  ;D