Author Topic: India begins work on space weapons command  (Read 725 times)

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RE: India begins work on space weapons command
« Reply #1 on: 04/12/2006 08:10 AM »
So what's India up to ? I never was a fan of Kissinger/Nixon but I have slowly begun to undertand why they hated those hypocrites in New Delhi
Ever since they announced they were going to the Moon it seems everyday they have less and less of a desire for space exploration. India won't get far with this type of militarist ideology, Pakistan has given them a beating in the past and won't let India get to far ahead of them and Pakistan always has its finger ready on the red-button, and China, well the Chinese are simply way-ahead in the game
a Dragon nation that is slowly starting to wake up, but thank goodness the Chinese aren't as militaristic as they once were and actually do spend the odd few dollars on exploration.