Author Topic: Blue Origin's BE-4 Engine  (Read 188510 times)

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Re: Blue Origin's BE-4 Engine
« Reply #540 on: 01/23/2018 01:47 PM »
Or it may stand for "Exploration" as it is being considered for the Exploration Upper Stage. That may involve design specifications to accommodate longer loiter times than the BE-3U is designed for. I have seen recent images released by Bigelow on Instagram that suggest that they are considering the EUS as a propulsion block for their modular spacecraft designs.

Thats an ACES, not EUS. If you missed the news,

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Re: Blue Origin's BE-4 Engine
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From what I understand from friends I have at ULA, they are working towards a single CDR.

No, that is wrong. Tony Bruno reported via Twitter that CDR had begun. That was well over a month ago.

The latest information that has been provided is that their CDR is composed of two parts and that the first part was completed last month.

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Re: Blue Origin's BE-4 Engine
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As far as I can tell ULA did only one PDR, and that was not for the AR-1 engine.
Explicitly for the BE4, in the Vulcan (Common) Centaur configuration at the time.

[ULA press release, March 2016]

The introduction of Centaur V makes tracking the CDR(s) a bit more complex to track