Author Topic: WIP - NSF 2017 Redesign  (Read 7226 times)

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Re: WIP - NSF 2017 Redesign
« Reply #20 on: 04/03/2017 08:29 AM »
What categories?
Well the way I figure it, there's a relatively few (4?) themes with which you could categorise the threads in the forum to make it much easier to navigate:

1) By destination object (choose object Moon, Mars, Jupiter, all planetary bodies, etc) or region (LEO, GEO, LLO, SEL2, all orbital regions etc), or leave undefined.

2) By space agency (choose NASA, ESA, JAXA, all government agencies etc), or space company (SpaceX, ULA, Blue Origin, or all private companies, etc) or leave undefined.

3) By scientific objective (astrobiology, solar system/stellar observations, human space flight health, all scientific objectives, etc) or commercial objective (telecommunications, space tourism, asteroid mining, all commercial objectives, etc) or leave undefined.

4) By time period (for real-life historical, current day activities/news, future within planning horizon, far future, all time periods) or popular culture relevance (for polls, discussion of science fiction, and other uncategorised/uncategorisable but relevant material), or leave undefined.

So very in agreement with this. Especially #1. It's so weird, whenever there's a discussion of, say, Venus here. Where does it go? It's almost like the forum encourages us not to talk about it.

If there's some categories that aren't deemed enough significant enough to warrant their own section, it'd be nice to at least have catch-all sections for them. For example, if Pluto wasn't deemed significant enough to warrant a section for itself, I don't think anyone would object to a "KBOs" section. So long as there's somewhere to talk about any space topic of interest  :)

And agreed, that's a very sleek looking redesign!

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Re: WIP - NSF 2017 Redesign
« Reply #21 on: 05/09/2017 04:10 PM »
I like it but the logo reminds me of THAT Worm logo that EVERYONE hated..... jus' sayin' as there was much discussion about that logo when it existed with NASA.  When the "meatball" logo came back everyone that I heard talk about it couldn't wait for the "meatball".