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No New Posts L2 Master Section

The home of L2 Space Shuttle Content and all Current Vehicle documentation etc. Everything that is not already in a specific L2 home.

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No New Posts L2 SpaceX Section

L2 SpaceX Section - All vehicles, including missions specials.

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No New Posts L2 NGIS (Formerly Orbital ATK) Section

L2 Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (Formerly Orbital ATK) Section - All vehicles - including mission(s) specials, CRS and others.

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No New Posts L2 International Space Station

L2 Specific ISS Section, full of unreleased presentations, videos, photos, status updates more.

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No New Posts L2 Commercial Cargo and Crew

L2 Section for Commercial Crew Vehicles from Atlas V HR to Dream Chaser and Starliner etc.

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No New Posts L2 Russian Section

L2 Section for Russian vehicles. Exclusive content, from historical Russian vehicles, to exclusive Buran videos, Soyuz and through to RSC Energia's next gen vehicle.

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No New Posts L2 Orion and Future Vehicles (Blue Origin)

L2 section for Orion and Future Vehicles (other than Commercial Crew) such as Blue Origin. Includes future technology (Prop Depots, etc) and archive of CxP vehicles.

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No New Posts L2 Space Launch System/HLV Section

L2 Section coverage SLS and HLV (Ares V onwards) presentations, videos, updates - through to the ongoing Exploration Roadmap construction - all exclusive.

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No New Posts L2 Photo and Imagery Section

A New Section featuring thousands and thousands of stunning downloadable hi res photos, from exclusive hardware shots to unreleased on orbit mission photos.

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No New Posts L2 Historical Section

Unreleased presentations and videos from the first days of Cape Canaveral, through to Saturn/Apollo and the early days of the shuttle program.

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No New Posts L2 The Ultimate Video Section

L2 section containing amazing unreleased videos, from riding on the flight decks of orbiters through re-entry, to launch and mission videos, to technical evaluation videos. L2 membership gains access to all L2 sections.

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NSF Landing Page (Site Rules, Overviews Development, Feedback)

No New Posts The L2 Lobby Area

This section is for members interested in joining L2

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No New Posts and NSF Forum Site Rules/News

Section for site development news, new member help, site rules and questions

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No New Posts Taking NSF Forward

Taking NSF into the next era

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General Discussion

No New Posts General Discussion

All things Space Flight related.

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No New Posts Space Policy Discussion

Section ranging from the Augustine Review, through to NASA's FY2011 compromise and beyond. THIS SECTION IS RESTRICTED TO READ ONLY UNLESS YOU ARE A MEMBER OF L2. See section header.

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No New Posts Live Event Section - Latest Space Flight News

Major Live Events hosted in this section, including the latest news from around the world of space flight

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No New Posts Historical Spaceflight

Missions that were, or will never be.

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on Today at 01:59 AM

No New Posts Advanced Concepts

In-works and future conceptual ideas of space flight, from Nuclear Propulsion to Tethers and beyond.

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on Today at 01:33 PM

No New Posts New Physics for Space Technology

New Forum Section for space technology concepts that rely on non-conventional physics - such as EM Drive.

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on Today at 02:14 PM

No New Posts Q&A Section

A collection of Q&A threads. Search for an answer, or post a new question in one of the Q&A threads

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in Re: Orbits Q&A
on 11/14/2018 03:53 AM

No New Posts Spaceflight Entertainment and Hobbies

A section dedicated to model builders of NASA and space hardware, space related movies, books and entertainment.

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Last post by Darga
in Re: 'The Expanse' on SyFy - First trailer for...
on Today at 07:41 PM

No New Posts Aerospace Education/Colleges/Careers

A section for those looking for education and career advice for getting into the field of Aerospace.

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in What It Takes To Become An Astronaut
on 10/28/2018 02:13 AM

No New Posts Polls Section

A new section for polls (Including some old ones)

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in Re: POLL: Number of times Spacex will reuse a...
on Today at 02:10 PM

International Space Station (ISS)

No New Posts ISS Section

Live Expedition coverage and the latest news from the ISS

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in Re: Schedule of ISS flight events (part 2)
on Today at 06:35 PM

No New Posts In-Space Hardware Section

New section for in-space hardware, such as Prop Depots, Bigelow Modules, etc.

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in Re: Propellant Depots - General Discussion
on 11/14/2018 05:37 AM

SLS / Orion / Beyond-LEO HSF - Constellation

No New Posts Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV/SLS)

Section for the Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV) or Space Launch System (SLS). Home of DIRECT's Jupiter, SD HLVs and other HLVs

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No New Posts Orion and Exploration Vehicles

News and updates specific to manned exploration vehicles, such as Orion and Lander concepts

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in Re: EM-1 Orion Service Module updates
on Today at 02:08 PM

No New Posts Missions To The Near Earth Asteroids (HSF)

Section dedicated to HSF missions to NEAs

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in Re: Goldman Sachs Report on Asteroid Mining
on Today at 02:50 PM

No New Posts Missions To The Moon (HSF)

Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To The Moon (EM-1 etc).

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in Re: NASA Gateway Lunar Lander
on Today at 08:39 PM

No New Posts Missions To Mars (HSF)

Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To Mars

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in Re: NASA & Georgetown University study on Cos...
on 11/12/2018 01:30 PM

No New Posts Cancelled Ares I and Ares Tests

Section for the cancelled Constellation Ares I and associated testing.

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in Re: Ares I Development Thread
on 12/06/2017 06:39 PM

SpaceX Vehicles and Missions

No New Posts SpaceX General Section

Specific section for SpaceX, their launch vehicles and Dragon.

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in Re: SpaceX - now a satellite manufacturer (St...
on Today at 08:48 PM

No New Posts SpaceX Missions Section

Section for all SpaceX Launches and Missions, from Falcon 1 to Falcon 9 - and NOW Falcon Heavy.

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in Re: SpaceX Falcon 9 : Spaceflight SSO-A (Sun ...
on Today at 07:59 PM

No New Posts SpaceX Facilities and Fleets

Section dedicated to SpaceX Pads, Facilities and Fleets - such as ASDS, etc.

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in Re: SpaceX Texas launch site Discussion and U...
on Today at 06:11 PM

No New Posts SpaceX Reusability

Specific Section for SpaceX's Reusable technology - From the days of Grasshopper through to Fairing Recovery etc.

25095 Posts
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in Re: SpaceX customers' views on reuse
on Today at 02:26 PM

No New Posts SpaceX BFR - Earth to Deep Space

A section for threads relating to BFR/BFS - all uses - from Earth to Earth, Lunar, Mars and Beyond.

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in Re: Mini-BFR ship F9 Second Stage
on Today at 07:45 PM

No New Posts SpaceX Mega Thread Archive Section

A section for archived threads of huge length.

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in Re: SpaceX Dragon 2 Updates and Discussion - ...
on 08/07/2018 09:47 AM

Commercial and US Government Launch Vehicles

No New Posts Commercial Space Flight General

Updates on the Commercial space sector.

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in Re: Commercial Lunar Payload Services Program...
on Today at 07:10 PM

No New Posts Commercial Crew Vehicles General

Specific area for the Commercial Crew vehicles updates and discussion. (Starliner, Dream Chaserand Dragon hosted in specific sections)

11715 Posts
88 Topics

Last post by Rondaz
in Re: SpaceX and Boeing in home stretch for Com...
on 11/15/2018 02:43 PM

No New Posts SNC Dream Chaser Section

Forum section specific to SNC's Dream Chaser spacecraft - from Crew to Cargo

6992 Posts
39 Topics

Last post by BrightLight
in Re: SNC Dream Chaser UPDATE Thread
on 11/11/2018 06:04 PM

No New Posts Boeing Starliner (CST-100) Section

Forum section specific to Boeing's Starliner (CST-100) spacecraft.

4215 Posts
35 Topics

Last post by jacqmans
in Re: Boeing's CST-100 - Master Updates and Dis...
on Today at 08:32 AM

No New Posts NGIS (Formerly Orbital ATK) - Antares/Cygnus Section

Specific section for Northrop Grumman Innovation Systems (Formerly Orbital ATK) vehicles - Antares, Cygnus, Pegasus, Minotaur, Taurus.

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225 Topics

Last post by Rondaz
in Re: Antares - Cygnus NG-10 - November 17, 201...
on Today at 05:24 PM

No New Posts ULA - Delta, Atlas, Vulcan

New Section for ULA Vehicles and Missions. Covering Atlas, Delta and Vulcan vehicles.

58460 Posts
545 Topics

Last post by jacqmans
in Re: Delta IV-H - NROL-71 - Nov. 29, 2018 - VA...
on Today at 01:24 PM

No New Posts Blue Origin

New Section covering Blue Origin vehicles and Development.

9402 Posts
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Last post by ZachS09
in Re: Blue Origin General Discussion Thread 2
on 11/13/2018 12:48 AM

No New Posts Rocket Lab

New Section dedicated to Rocket Lab development, testing and mission coverage.

3154 Posts
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Last post by Mardlamock
in Re: Rocket Lab raises $140 million Series E
on 11/15/2018 08:38 PM

No New Posts Virgin Orbit/Virgin Galactic

New Section covering Virgin Orbit testing and missions. Also covering Virgin Galactic testing.

4711 Posts
30 Topics

Last post by FutureSpaceTourist
in Re: Space Ship Two - General Thread (4)
on 11/14/2018 03:54 PM

No New Posts Other US Launchers

Section for US Launchers - General - Other than ULA specific - Atlas and Delta - vehicles.

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in Re: US Launch Schedule
on 11/15/2018 08:10 PM

NASA Shuttle Specific Sections

No New Posts Discovery (Post-STS-133, T&R)

Post STS-133 coverage and T&R coverage for Shuttle Discovery (OV-103)

56673 Posts
506 Topics

Last post by jjyach
in Re: OV-103 in Dulles
on 07/30/2018 01:43 PM

No New Posts Atlantis (Post STS-135, T&R)

Post STS-135 coverage for Shuttle Atlantis (OV-104)

50161 Posts
361 Topics

Last post by Orsaillon17480
in Re: LIVE: STS-122 Flight Day 7 - EVA-2
on 07/14/2018 04:25 PM

No New Posts Endeavour (Post-STS-134, T&R)

Post STS-134 coverage for Shuttle Endeavour (OV-105)

45988 Posts
291 Topics

Last post by Darren_Hensley
in Re: Retired space shuttles' water tanks remov...
on 09/20/2018 10:44 PM

No New Posts Shuttle History - Pre-RTF

A historical section for Shuttle coverage prior to this site's birth

14895 Posts
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Last post by Astrovox
in Re: Discovery STS 41-D / A new orbiter sets s...
on 11/13/2018 07:28 PM

Robotic Spacecraft (Astronomy, Planetary, Earth, Solar/Heliophysics)

No New Posts Space Science Coverage

From the Voyagers to the latest BEO probes and space telescopes Full mission coverage post Spacecraft Separation updates

34219 Posts
425 Topics

Last post by MoonMoon
in Re: Hyperbolic Hyperbole or Interstellar Inte...
on Today at 08:19 PM

No New Posts Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) and Mars 2020 Rover Section

Special Event Section for MSL's EDL on Mars and SOL coverage. Also covers build up to Mars 2020 Rover

7482 Posts
88 Topics

Last post by hop
in Re: Retrieve the 2020 Samples with Helicopter...
on Today at 02:46 AM

International Space Flight (ESA, Russia, China and others)

No New Posts Russian Launchers - Soyuz, Progress and Unmanned

News and Updates based around the Russian vehicles.

67003 Posts
1080 Topics

Last post by Artyom.
in Re: Soyuz-FG - Progress MS-10 - Baikonur - No...
on Today at 06:06 PM

No New Posts ESA Launchers - Ariane, Soyuz at CSG, Vega

Updates and launch coverage of ESA unmanned launches.

31332 Posts
470 Topics

Last post by TrevorMonty
in Re: Vega Evolution Discussion Thread: Place Y...
on Today at 05:36 PM

No New Posts Japanese Launchers

Section dedicated to Japanese launches and missions.

9330 Posts
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Last post by ChrisWilson68
in Re: RV-X
on Today at 06:33 AM

No New Posts Chinese Launchers

Updates and launch coverage of Chinese launches.

24542 Posts
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Last post by plutogno
in Re: Chinese 2020 Mars rover?
on Today at 08:05 PM

No New Posts Indian Launchers

New Section for India's space program (ISRO).

12998 Posts
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Last post by worldtimedate
in Re: GSLV MK-III D2 - GSAT-29 - November 14, 2...
on Today at 06:55 AM

No New Posts Other Launchers (Korean, Brazilian etc.)

Coverage of all other launches, ranging Korean to suborbital etc.

6076 Posts
167 Topics

Last post by Lucid Nonsense
in Re: KARI: KSLV-II Development Updates and Dis...
on 11/13/2018 11:19 PM

No New Posts Suborbital Missions

A New board for Suborbital missions - such as Wallops sounding rocket missions through to Copenhagen Suborbitals, etc.

4425 Posts
45 Topics

Last post by Star One
in Re: The suborbital thread!
on Today at 06:31 AM

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