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No New Posts L2 Master Section

The home of L2 Space Shuttle Content and all Current Vehicle documentation etc. Everything that is not already in a specific L2 home.

Click HERE to join L2 for access to ALL L2 sections

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on 07/21/2014 12:23 PM

No New Posts L2 SpaceX Section

L2 SpaceX Section - All vehicles, including missions specials.

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on Today at 11:57 AM

No New Posts L2 Orbital (OSC) Section

L2 Orbital (OSC) Section - All vehicles - including mission(s) specials, CRS and others.

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No New Posts L2 International Space Station

L2 Specific ISS Section, full of unreleased presentations, videos, photos, status updates more.

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on 07/21/2014 12:48 PM

No New Posts L2 Commercial Cargo and Crew

L2 Section for Orbital COTS/CRS and Commercial Crew Vehicles from Atlas V HR to Dream Chaser etc.

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on Today at 09:12 AM

No New Posts L2 Russian Section

L2 Section for Russian vehicles. Exclusive content, from historical Russian vehicles, to exclusive Buran videos, Soyuz and through to RSC Energia's next gen vehicle.

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No New Posts L2 Orion and Future Spacecraft

L2 section for Orion and Future Vehicles (other than Commercial Crew), future technology (Prop Depots, etc) and archive of CxP vehicles.

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No New Posts L2 Space Launch System/HLV Section

L2 Section coverage SLS and HLV (Ares V onwards) presentations, videos, updates - through to the ongoing Exploration Roadmap construction - all exclusive.

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No New Posts L2 Photo and Imagery Section

A New Section featuring thousands and thousands of stunning downloadable hi res photos, from exclusive hardware shots to unreleased on orbit mission photos.

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on 07/19/2014 07:29 PM

No New Posts L2 Historical Section

Unreleased presentations and videos from the first days of Cape Canaveral, through to Saturn/Apollo and the early days of the shuttle program.

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No New Posts L2 The Ultimate Video Section

L2 section containing amazing unreleased videos, from riding on the flight decks of orbiters through re-entry, to launch and mission videos, to technical evaluation videos. L2 membership gains access to all L2 sections.

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Site Rules - Development and Q&A

No New Posts and NSF Forum Site Rules/News

Section for site development news, new member help, site rules and questions

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Last post by wholmeswa
in Re: Is there a way to exclude sections/topics...
on 06/29/2014 03:04 AM

No New Posts The NSF A-Team

GO at Throttle Up!

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Last post by Chris Bergin
in Re: NSF A-Team: NSF online store creation/set...
on 07/19/2014 02:50 PM

General Discussion

No New Posts General Discussion

All things Space Flight related.

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in Re: Reasons why women should be included in s...
on Today at 01:18 PM

No New Posts Mars Science Laboratory (MSL) Special Event Section

Special Event Section for MSL's entry and landing on Mars.

6277 Posts
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Last post by catdlr
in Re: LIVE: MSL Curiosity Post Landing SOL 1 on...
on 07/16/2014 06:41 PM

No New Posts Space Policy Discussion

Section ranging from the Augustine Review, through to NASA's FY2011 compromise and beyond. THIS SECTION IS RESTRICTED TO READ ONLY UNLESS YOU ARE A MEMBER OF L2. See section header.

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Last post by JohnFornaro
in Re: Will U. S. and Russian Space Relations be...
on Today at 12:07 PM

No New Posts Live Event Section - Latest Space Flight News

Major Live Events hosted in this section, including the latest news from around the world of space flight

41379 Posts
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Last post by antriksh
in Re: Indian PSLV C25, ISRO Mars Orbiter Missio...
on Today at 03:29 AM

No New Posts Historical Spaceflight

Missions that were, or will never be.

43696 Posts
2795 Topics

Last post by Lar
in Re: LIVE: Apollo 11 Lunar Landing and Departu...
on Today at 01:22 PM

No New Posts Advanced Concepts

In-works and future conceptual ideas of space flight, from Nuclear Propulsion to Tethers and beyond.

60821 Posts
1666 Topics

Last post by Bob Shaw
in Re: 3D Scanner ISS & Space related
on Today at 11:58 AM

No New Posts Q&A Section

A collection of Q&A threads. Search for an answer, or post a new question in one of the Q&A threads

15952 Posts
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Last post by Galactic Penguin SST
in Re: Soviet/Russian space programms Q&A
on 07/21/2014 03:10 PM

No New Posts NSF Space Modeling Forum

A section dedicated to model builders of NASA and space hardware - Under Construction

4140 Posts
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Last post by RichO
in Re: Crawler redo at 1/72
on Today at 01:06 PM

No New Posts NSF Video Collection

Space Flight Videos hosted by (Free section, forum login required for access)

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on 07/18/2014 09:34 AM

NASA Shuttle Specific Sections

No New Posts Discovery (Post-STS-133, T&R)

Post STS-133 coverage and T&R coverage for Shuttle Discovery (OV-103)

56662 Posts
501 Topics

Last post by OV135
in Re: Discovery's Final Ferry Flight - Personal...
on 07/21/2014 12:40 AM

No New Posts Atlantis (Post STS-135, T&R)

Post STS-135 coverage for Shuttle Atlantis (OV-104)

50001 Posts
356 Topics

Last post by OV135
in Re: Space Shuttle Atlantis @ Kennedy Space Ce...
on 07/21/2014 01:37 AM

No New Posts Endeavour (Post-STS-134, T&R)

Post STS-134 coverage for Shuttle Endeavour (OV-105)

45717 Posts
283 Topics

Last post by catdlr
in Re: Endeavour @ California Science Center
on 05/20/2014 04:41 PM

No New Posts Shuttle History - Pre-RTF

A historical section for Shuttle coverage prior to this site's birth

11229 Posts
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Last post by DaveS
in Re: The Shuttle Centaur
on 07/20/2014 01:07 AM

International Space Station (ISS)

No New Posts ISS Section

Live Expedition coverage and the latest news from the ISS

37853 Posts
945 Topics

Last post by A_M_Swallow
in Re: SEP propulsion for ISS stationkeeping
on 07/21/2014 09:21 PM

No New Posts In-Space Hardware Section

New section for in-space hardware, such as Prop Depots, Bigelow Modules, etc.

5166 Posts
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Last post by muomega0
in Re: A LOX propellant depot with Last Minute H...
on 07/19/2014 02:46 PM

HLV / SLS / Orion / Constellation

No New Posts Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV/SLS)

Section for the Heavy Lift Launch Vehicle (HLV) or Space Launch System (SLS). Home of DIRECT's Jupiter, SD HLVs and other HLVs

81335 Posts
549 Topics

Last post by TomH
in Re: SLS General Discussion Thread
on Today at 04:38 AM

No New Posts Orion and Exploration Vehicles

News and updates specific to manned exploration vehicles, such as Orion and Lander concepts

17045 Posts
521 Topics

Last post by redliox
in Re: Deep Space Habitat module concepts outlin...
on 07/14/2014 10:05 PM

No New Posts Missions To The Near Earth Asteroids (HSF)

Section dedicated to HSF missions to NEAs

1993 Posts
31 Topics

Last post by jongoff
in Re: Asteroid Retrieval Mission Concept
on 06/30/2014 08:47 PM

No New Posts Missions To The Moon (HSF)

Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To The Moon (EM-1 etc).

9160 Posts
90 Topics

Last post by Hernalt
in Re: Best Region for a Base/Outpost?
on Today at 10:11 AM

No New Posts Missions To Mars (HSF)

Forum section dedicated on HSF Missions To Mars

21436 Posts
393 Topics

Last post by ThereIWas3
in Re: NRC Pathway approach to Mars includes Lun...
on Today at 02:32 AM

No New Posts Cancelled Ares I and Ares Tests

Section for the cancelled Constellation Ares I and associated testing.

25819 Posts
577 Topics

Last post by vulture4
in Re: Constellation Program Lessons Learned
on 07/21/2014 10:39 PM

SpaceX Vehicles and Missions

No New Posts SpaceX General Section

Specific section for SpaceX, their launch vehicles and Dragon.

47785 Posts
486 Topics

Last post by Llian Rhydderch
in Re: MCT Speculation Thread
on Today at 12:08 PM

No New Posts SpaceX Missions Section

Section for all SpaceX Launches and Missions, from Falcon 1 to Falcon 9 - and eventually Falcon Heavy.

42142 Posts
113 Topics

Last post by Ben the Space Brit
in Re: SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 - ASIASAT-8 - August...
on Today at 01:20 PM

No New Posts SpaceX Reusable Rockets Section

Specific Section for SpaceX's Reusable Rockets - From Grasshopper to F9-R onwards.

6239 Posts
33 Topics

Last post by sittingduck
in Re: SpaceX Falcon 9 v1.1 CRS-3 Splashdown - V...
on Today at 10:58 AM

No New Posts SpaceX 100,000+ Views Archive Section

New section for all the locked SpaceX archive threads over 100,000 views.

37519 Posts
26 Topics

Last post by Chris Bergin
in Re: SpaceX: General Falcon and Dragon discuss...
on 12/25/2013 12:18 AM

Commercial and US Government Launch Vehicles

No New Posts Commercial Space Flight General

Updates on the Commercial space sector.

33255 Posts
670 Topics

Last post by iamlucky13
in Re: Space Ship Two - General Thread (2)
on Today at 12:06 AM

No New Posts Commercial Crew Vehicles

Specific area for the Commercial Crew vehicles: Dream Chaser, CST-100, Liberty, Blue Origin (Dragon hosted in the SpaceX sections)

14231 Posts
83 Topics

Last post by A_M_Swallow
in Re: SNC Dream Chaser DISCUSSION Thread
on Today at 08:53 AM

No New Posts Orbital (All OSC Vehicles) - Antares/Cygnus Mission Section

Specific section for Orbital vehicles - Antares, Cygnus, Pegasus, Minotaur, Taurus.

13567 Posts
125 Topics

Last post by manboy
in Re: Antares Engines
on Today at 08:02 AM

No New Posts United Launch Alliance (ULA) - Delta and Atlas

New Section for ULA Vehicles and Missions. Covering Atlas and Delta vehicles.

31957 Posts
376 Topics

Last post by Galactic Penguin SST
in Re: Atlas V 401 - GPS IIF-7 - August 01, 2014
on Today at 12:25 PM

No New Posts Other US Launchers

Section for US Launchers - General - Other than ULA specific - Atlas and Delta - vehicles.

2192 Posts
49 Topics

Last post by Robotbeat
in Re: DARPA Experimental Spaceplane 1 (XS-1) Pr...
on Today at 04:10 AM

Robotic Spacecraft (Astronomy, Planetary, Earth, Solar/Heliophysics)

No New Posts Space Science Coverage

From the Voyagers to the latest BEO probes and space telescopes Full mission coverage post Spacecraft Separation updates

10628 Posts
196 Topics

Last post by kevin-rf
in Re: NASA - James Webb Space Telescope - updat...
on Today at 12:37 PM

International Space Flight (ESA, Russia, China and others)

No New Posts Russian Launchers - Soyuz, Progress and Unmanned

News and Updates based around the Russian vehicles.

44347 Posts
806 Topics

Last post by jcm
in Re: Progress M-24M Soyuz-U Launch and docking...
on Today at 01:23 PM

No New Posts ESA Launchers - Ariane, Soyuz at CSG, Vega

Updates and launch coverage of ESA unmanned launches.

18075 Posts
363 Topics

Last post by bolun
in Re: Vega to fly IXV ESA's Intermediate Experi...
on Today at 01:21 PM

No New Posts Japanese Launchers

Section dedicated to Japanese launches and missions.

5587 Posts
119 Topics

Last post by Fuji
in Re: H-IIA - Himawari-8 - October 2014
on 07/20/2014 12:51 PM

No New Posts Chinese Launchers

Updates and launch coverage of Chinese launches.

14164 Posts
311 Topics

Last post by input~2
in Re: Chinese launch schedule
on Today at 09:42 AM

No New Posts Indian Launchers

New Section for India's space program (ISRO).

4726 Posts
102 Topics

Last post by antriksh
in Re: ISRO General News
on Today at 10:12 AM

No New Posts Other Launchers (Korean, Brazilian etc.)

Coverage of all other launches, ranging Korean to suborbital etc.

6607 Posts
146 Topics

Last post by block51
in Re: The suborbital thread!
on Today at 11:06 AM

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